A downloadable game for Windows

Protect your planet and creatures from asteroids!

Create your planet and select creatures and protect them!

Click on red asteroid with left mouse button and destroy it!

Good luck! :)

This is an early version of the game
Will be developed :)

My web page :)

Facebook fanpage :)


alpha 0.0.7

-splash screen
-question when creating a new game
-the ability to view the planets (not yet complete)

I'm rally sorry that the next update came after such a long break. Currently, I move the game to android and a problem arose that I am trying to solve.
If you would be interested in a problem and would like to help Take a look here (ENG): http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=677183&hl=
or here (PL): http://forum.gmclan.org/index.php?showtopic=32455.
Maybe someone will be able to help me :)
Have a nice day!

alpha 0.0.6 is a short update :)

-You can change the size of window game;
-confirm "enter" button;
-pause "esc" button;

alpha 0.0.5 changes:
-animation of comet explosion;
-explosion sound;
-buttons sound;
-When fev comet are close to each other, all explode.

Install instructions

You needn't install this game, run it and enjoy the game!


Planet-alpha- 39 MB